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     Gunook Products Inc. is  located in Fort Worth, Texas, and was  established in June 2005 for  the purpose of designing, manufacturing,  and distributing top quality tool  support hardware products to help  simplify the job at hand for DIY'ers,  Professional Craftsmen, and  Tradesmen 

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    So many times I have climbed a ladder "with one hand" while carrying a  tool or extension cord in the other. No more! The Gunook Tool holder  lets me conveniently carry such stuff to the roof or work space - hooked  to my belt so both hands are available for hanging on. After all, I'm  74 years old!

    O. Jacobsen  
    Provo, UT 

    The Gunook is a tool you should have in your toolbox. It frees up  your hands to help you get the job done faster and safer. And with the  replacement guarantee, it's a no-brainer. 

    L. Maiorano
    Broomall, PA 

    I received it just in the nick of time. I'm building a 30'x30' deck  and had been using a piece of Velcro to carry my framing nailer on my  belt without much success. The Gunook tool hook handled my nailer, even a  coil of airhose, with no problems and its design makes it so easy to  change tools you want to carry.

    B. Weaver  
    Arlington, WA 

    It was WOW! when I saw it, and WOW! again when I used it. 

    R. Julien
    Salem, MA 

    Being handicapped, I need both hands free to climb a latter and this  tool allows me to do that without worrying about dropping my battery  drill.

    M. Woodcock
      Sebring, FL 


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    Michael King, National Radio Show."  

    Host and Licensed Contractor, from Home Talk   USA says, 

    "The designers at Gunook developed the best, most dependable Tool Support   Products in the industry. Guaranteed. I am proud to be associated with them."



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